DERVAUX SA, your specialist in high voltage line and substation accessories.
Usine Dervaux S.A.

Founded in 1828, DERVAUX SA grew both in the domestic and export markets. It is based in Le Chambon Feugerolles near St Etienne (France), in premises of 15.000 sqm where it designs, develops and produces full ranges of accessories for high voltage networks.

DERVAUX SA is a subsidiary of the SICAME GROUP, which specializes in accessories and safety products for transmission and distribution electrical markets.

Groupe Sicame The SICAME GROUP is established in 22 countries all over the five continents.

DERVAUX SA has forged a strong position in the transmission line sector thanks to the quality of its products and its recognized R&D capabilities (vibration, connection...).

A complete range of products:
  • Accessories for HV lines
  • Damping devices
  • Day and night aircraft warning devices
  • Hardware for optical groundwires (OPGW)
  • Accessories for HV substations

Obstruction light warning

Warning light for conductor

Bird flight diverter

Beacon 10 Cd
Beacon 32 Cd
Medium intensity light
Main Light and Emergency Light System
Control Box
Backup Source
Autonomous Generator
Night Warning Light
Warning light for adverse environment
Spheric Day Marker < 132 kV
Spheric Day Marker < 500 kV
Bird Flight Diverter < 132kV
Bird Flight Diverter < 400kV
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