Beacon 32 Cd

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The “DEROBS” obstruction light developed by DERVAUX company is a LOW INTENSITY type beacon. Used to warn air traffic against obstacles (tower, masts, buildings, antenna towers, chimneys…) according to ICAO recommendations.

Lights: o Low intensity, B type, o FAA, L-810 type.

Colour: red colour according to ICAO. Luminous intensity : > 32 Cd according to ICAO and FAA.

o Neon discharge lamp,
o Reinforced spiral tube with cold electrodes,
o High voltage transformer with cold electrodes,
o Discharge and immunity electromagnetic compatibility,
o Life time: > 100 000 hours,
o Watertightness: IP66.

Use agreement:
All our obstruction lights are certified by STNA.

Supply voltage:
o Source: 230 Vrm, 110 Vrm, 48Vdc, 24 Vdc or 12 Vdc.
o Can be supplied with solar generator.
o Power consumption: < 40 Watts.

o Rod, M16 type at the lower part,
o Optional kit side fixing.
o Control box en option.

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