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Spheric Day Marker < 132 kV

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May be fitted on phase conductors up to 132kV or on any kind of earthwires.

Technical characteristics:
o Available in two sizes:
Ø 500 mm and Ø 610 mm, o three different colours:
Red (R) , Orange (O) , White (B), or any combination of two of these colours.

o Excellent ageing withstanding thanks to structure coloured « ABS ».

o Two « EPDM » elastomer clamps, well adapted to each cable size, provide a safe and durable tightening. This solution avoids to use armor-rod systematically.
When used with armor-rods, do not forget the armor-rods when computing the overall diameter.

o 6 HM10 stainless steel bolts provide a safe tightening of the assembly.

o The spheres have drain holes for condensed water or rain.

Color: complying with the regulations,
Position: on the top wire:
o Placed at every 32m max on area of airports,
o Placed at every 52.5m max outside aiport area.

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