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Warning light for adverse environment

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DERVAUX proposes a warning light especially designed to be used in adverse polluted environments (important industrial pollution, salt air, very high dampness associated to sand storms…).

In this special environment, different deposits can appear on the outside of the warning lights and on glass insulators, and induce electrolytes which encourage the progress of short-circuit currents. These currents can disturb the supply of the lamp and prevent its good working. To remedy these difficulties, DERVAUX uses composite insulators covered with a silicone layer, and moulded silicone sheds at every metallic end of the warning light. On the one hand, the outer silicone layer prevents development of electrolytes on the surface ; on the other hand, sheds create an insulation row avoiding short circuits.

The good working of the warning light for adverse environments can be so ensured.

Please add « HP » letters (Haute Pollution) at the end of each reference of standard warning lights.

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